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Anyone in Government including the Chief Medical Officer's that supported this Plandemic should be charged and
jailed for crimes against Canada

April 9, 2020: Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam said during a briefing on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.
Under a scenario where nothing is done to stop the virus from spreading, roughly 30 million Canadians, or four-fifths
of the population could ultimately become infected and 350,000 could die before the pandemic is over.

This was a Pandemic...

Once the modeling was ajusted things should have gone back to a more normal state, but the government has decided
to keep Canadian's hostage. With a death toll under 8250 (6152 as of May 22) people Canada wide that's no worse than a
bad flu season, but you also have to look at the estimate of 82% of all COVID-19 deaths had been in retirement and
long-term care homes. That gives us a death toll of 1184 people have died that were not locked up in Petri-Dishes by
the Government.

Many doctors have come forward to say the death toll is wrong, anyone that dies from any kind of a respiratory desease
is counted as Covid 19, or if you die from basically anything and you have Covid 19 it's also counted as Covid 19.

This is scare tactics to keep us locked down and take away our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
The Government is not your friend, they are there to look after themselves not you.


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